The basics of minecraft is pretty easy to lurn, you walk around with A=go left, W=go forward, S=go backwards, D=go right. spase for jumping and shift for sneaking, E=open inventory and T=open chat. The basics to move, otherwise it's basics like that left click is to mine a block and right click to brake one.

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Building can take some time and it's diffrent how difficult your building is going to look, if you want to build a normal easy house it can take up to 5 minutes, a more complicated one can take months to build, if your going to build a city and your all alone it can take years. But for someone who's new, should start of with an easy building and work them selves upp. Here are some links to three diffrent buildings;

first we have this dragon, it can take day's to build it's pretty complicated!

Building dragon, speed building, complicated

Secondary we have a pretty normal house, a guide on how to build an easy house!

A normal house tutorial

And last we have this cool castle were you can live, it can take up to a day to build, pretty complicated!

Building castle

So we have all these three "buildings" from a normal house to a big dragon, the abillity is big, you just need the time and the want to do it, easy!!! if you want more insperation you can just surch on youtube and you'll find thousands of videos that describes how to build anything you want!

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When you first open your minecraft you can choose between a girl skin called Alex and a guy skin called steve, but later in the game you can shange your skin to more complicated ones.

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Here is a site were you can get cool skins;

Skindex one of the most popular sites to get skins

The skin you choose will show what of a kind of person you are.

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